Organized - Best Productivity Widget

Organized is a new widget from iSlayer featuring a calendar with events, world clocks, notes and to do’s. The calendar and to do’s utilize OS X’s inbuilt databases, so they’re always in sync with iCal and Mail.

I’m really impressed with the general look and feel of this widget! Another widget worth checking out is iStat.

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Co-producer of Lost and Heroes’ take on BitTorrent and Piracy

Jesse Alexander is a co-producer for the hit television series, Heroes and Lost. TorrentFreak had an interview with him recently and you can read more about his views on BitTorrent, piracy and the future of television.

On a similar note, actor Masi Oka who plays Hiro Nakamura in the show, made some positive comments about BitTorrent.

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Rolando - iPhysics 2.0?

Rolando for iPhone - Teaser trailer from handcircus on Vimeo

Rolando is another reason why the iPhone and iPod Touch is such a brilliant gaming device! Definitely high up on my “to buy” list.

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280 Slides - Objective-J and Cappuccino

280 Slides is a brand new rich internet application which leverages on both Cocoa and the Objective-C runtime that runs entirely in JavaScript via a web browser. Sounds impressive? It is.

Built by the folks at 280 North, 280 Slides is a really impressive presentation app that looks and works very similarly to Apple’s Keynote. Users can download a copy of their finished presentation as a Powerpoint document or share it with friends and colleagues by email or embedding it onto a website. All these can be done with great ease due to an extremely well designed user interface.

Wanna dig even deeper into Objective -J and Cappuccino? Chris Foresman of Ars Technica has posted an article (with code snippets) on this new technology.

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Apple iPhone and VOIP

Voice-over-Internet protocol is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet-switched networks. VoIP is often used abstractly to refer to the actual transmission of voice (rather than the protocol implementing it). This latter concept is also referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Use an iPhone? Here are some options you can check out if you want to save some money on international calls..
sipgate brings VoIP to your iPhone. Finally. You can use sipgate to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi using any SIP-based VoIP-service.


iCall VoIP on the Apple iPhone from Arlo & Andy on Vimeo.


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Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device Edition

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition is the latest offering by the folks over at Canonical. It is a fully open source project which aims to bring the internet into modern mobile devices.

Features include:

The product of Canonical collaboration with Intel® and the open source community. I can’t wait to see a demo of this new platform.

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Komodomedia is a blog maintained by Rogie King and he writes mainly about the web, illustration, identity design, jQuery, JavaScript and of course, CSS. I have been frequenting his site pretty often lately and his piece on the “Mac Vs. PC” frenzy was really well written in my opinion.

Oh, don’t you think the design is cool?

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Completely Erase iPhone Data

Jonathan Zdziarski is a brilliant hacker and he has written a white paper on making your iPhone safe for resale. With the iPhone 3G coming out in 2 weeks, this article is a timely reminder to those that are selling it off to fund a new one. Trust me, you wouldn’t want your sensitive data to fall in the wrong hands.

Many of you have asked if I will be getting the iPhone 3G so here’s my answer. In short, No! What made me excited were the 2.0 firmware update and the App Store. The new iPhone isn’t a whole lot better than the current one.

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Using a secondary computer as an additional display for your Mac

Picture this.. You are using a brand new Mac as your primary computer but you have an old G3/G4 or even a Windows PC lying around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the old computer as an additional monitor for even more real estate?

ScreenRecycler allows you to do exactly that. Just connect the two machines via ethernet and setup a VNC server. The software takes care of the rest!

Priced at only €19.95, it’s a great way to have more real estate instead of buying an additional monitor.

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WWDC 2008 Roundup

Over a week has passed since WWDC commenced with Steve Jobs announcing the release of the iPhone 3G. I will try my best to cover the event from every angle and feel free to comment on your thoughts about WWDC 2008.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G will boast of download speeds as high as 1.4Mbps while average data speeds clocks in at ~100Kbps on a EDGE network. It is still unknown if the iPhone is capable of making and receiving video calls.
Apart from faster data transfer speeds, the iPhone sports a new design. The back is now plastic (black on the 8GB model, black or white on the 16GB model) and the volume buttons on the side are now silvery metal. The headphone jack is now flushed and not recessed so you can use any pair of earphones without the need for an adapter.
The overall feel of the iPhone is thicker but the handset’s edges are thinner and more curved than in the previous version. The new phone weighs a little less but the difference can be neglected.
Another feature worth mentioning is built-in GPS. There are no maps loaded onto the device so a steady connection to Google Maps is required. Oh, it doesn’t talk to you either.

The iPhone 3G will sell at US$199 and US$299 for the 8GB and 16GB models respectively. It will be available from July 11 in 22 countries including Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.


In short, MobileMe is Exchange for the rest of us or a re branded .Mac to some of us. We all use multiple devices at home, school or work and up till now, there isn’t a foolproof way to sync all the data between them. MobileMe will work with Macs, PC, iPhone and the iPod Touch. You will have access to all your email, calendar, contacts, photos and files regardless of where you are.

Existing users of .Mac will receive an automatic upgrade to the new service.

With an annual subscription of US$99 or US$149 for the individual and family pack, MobileMe is cheap considering you get 20GB of combined email and file storage and 200GB of monthly data transfer. The option of purchasing more storage is available as well.

iPhone 2.0 Software Update

The iPhone 2.0 Software Update is probably the most exciting announcement in my opinion. Sure, we are knew it was in the works but I was blown away by some of the apps that were demoed! Check out the new features here.


A lesser known announcement but equally important is SproutCore. SproutCore is essentially a full MVC application framework for JavaScript. Many developers are already calling it “Cocoa for Windows” and “Flash Killer!” You check out the demos that are currently available but to understand the framework better, Daniel Dilger of RoughlyDrafted Magazine has written an excellent article on the new application.

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